How to Choose Good Gift Watches for a Lady

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How to Choose Good Gift Watches for a Lady

Good watches can be a great gift idea. However, choosing them for ladies is a hard task. There are so many models and styles that it is easy to get puzzled. There are certain recommendations that can make this choice easier.

The Four Main Groups of Ladies’ Watches

Each lady is original and unique in her own way. It is necessary to remember that watches are not only mechanisms that measure time, but also a stylish accessory. Many modern women have not one or two watches in her stock. She needs to have more to match them with her outfits perfectly well. So, choosing watches for ladies it is necessary to keep in mind the style of their future owner, her preferences and hobbies. There are several types of watches: dress, fashion, jewelry and sport ones. They have different shapes and details and suit different situations.

Dress Watches for All OccasionsDress watches can be worn with casual and official clothes. They can have both classic and fantasy shapes, multi-colored straps and so on. Classical shapes are good for wearing in official situations, they are mostly round or oval, they are made out of traditional metals and have leather straps or metallic bracelets. They also look good in a vintage style like Circa watches.
Fashion Watches for Eccentric LadiesFashion watches are produced by well-known designers and their look is rather outstanding. They are either decorated with very original and bright details or are painted with interesting colors. Such watches are usually expensive and their straps are made of exotic types of leather. The verge between these two types of watches is very thin, so many items can belong to both of these groups.

Jewelry Watches for PartiesJewelry watches are made out of precious metals with gems. These items are used as a jewelry accessory and worn to ceremonial parties and balls, usually with an evening dress. These watches are not always worn on a wrist; they can look like medieval items fastened to a belt, necklace or ring.

Sports Watches for Active LadiesThe last group is great for active ladies. Sports watches are usually shock- and waterproof, they have additional functions like measuring pulse, blood pressure, outer temperature, altitude and so on. Such watches can be equipped with GPS navigation, an extra lighting and solar batteries. Fitness lovers can find a function of counting calories in such watches.
Types of Glass

It is also necessary to be attentive to the quality of glass – it is better to choose sapphire glass because it is very clear, is hardly scratched or broken. This glass is expensive, so the second option in quality is crystal and the third – mineral glass.

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